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With all the challenges facing our world, my heart is truly focused on:

  • Giving back to our amazing community
  • Ensuring Laguna Niguel is safe and financially strong
  • Guaranteeing that we have proven leaders with the experience to keep Laguna Niguel a wonderful place we call home.

Experience, Leadership, and Compassion Have Never Been More Important!

While we have been challenged this year, our tomorrows are bright, and it is time we move forward, together. This election gives you the opportunity to ensure Laguna Niguel’s future remains in the hands of experienced leaders, who will continue our tradition of excellence founded upon integrity, inclusiveness, and innovation.

As your elected Director for the Moulton Niguel Water District, I have reduced costs, increased reserves, and always listened and responded to you. I will bring those skills to City Council.

I am supported by many residents and community leaders who understand the value of hands-on experience, including Laguna Niguel Mayors Laurie Davies, John Mark Jennings, Elaine Gennawey, Fred Minagar, Linda Lindholm, Gary Capata, and Robert Ming.

As your voice on City Council, I will keep Laguna Niguel safe and financially strong, with outstanding parks and programming, while ensuring the highest quality of life for our families and businesses.

In addition to public service, I am a wife, proud stepmom, and the Community Life Director for Mission Lutheran Church. My family lives and works in Laguna Niguel where I have always been an active community volunteer.

I respectfully ask for your vote for Laguna Niguel City Council!

Proud to be running for
Laguna Niguel City Council!

Kelly Jennings
Candidate for Laguna Niguel City Council